Dance of the Old Century

He grew a beard some years into the new century, after beards came into fashion among young men but before they went out again. This was the winter of the Paris attacks...


The Heiress's Education

She arrived under fog of epidural at the culmination of a successful mating season between a hedge-fund magnate and an East Hampton catalogue model...



They talked about writing important things. Some wrote very popular things and could talk so as to make the very popular things they wrote seem important. They winnowed. They channeled. They allowed for marginalia...


Socrates & the County School Board

If it pleases the Board, I prefer to investigate this subject collectively. There is one question in particular, a most vexing question about the nature of the testing process, which has been dogging my mind...


Gate 36

Dan's flash piece –– "Gate 36" –– appeared in the Fall 2015 issue of Carve Magazine. Full gloss, honest fiction, plus an essay by Andres Dubus III.


Deep-Water Drift


Chase works the edge of the pool with the shovel, sweat plinking from the tips of his hair, chittering out the perpetual monologue of the eight-year-old boy. Mallory, elfin-eared, eleven, sits squinching her brown toes in the delicious warmth of the bottom sand...



One: a mango-wood pencil cup. Hollow sound. Clat. Juke on the desk. Two-inch shimmy. Slip the pencils out, expecting a lizard. Empty, then. Indonesian piece. Carved, bas-relief delphinium...


A Favorable Review of "Shifts"

Ross McMeekin analyzes "Shifts" at the Ploughshares blog.


Night Swim

Memories are like Asian pears. Store them cold and they will keep. She climbed shivering out of the river. The Taigan smeared its nose on her shin. Soily fish...


A Midcanon Crisis

The esteemed American novelist, Greg Ivanovski, arrived via the New Canaan branch on a Wednesday morning. By lunchtime, the rumble of loafers and wedge heels had the Louis IX chandeliers rocking on their chains...


An Optical Conflict

An epic tale of romance, suspense, comedy, and tragedy––in eight words.


Ghost Sprout


All Your Firstborn

Dan's story of the Shoah, based on his Grandparents' survival testimony, won The Florida Review Editor's Award for Fiction, and was published in Volume 38.


Manhattan Flash Trio

The artist came shambling along the river and though she tried to avoid him he apprehended her and begged her to walk with him to the Gagosian...



He took one of the sunnier seats and sat in contemplation over the menu, but ordered neither lunch, nor wine, nor coffee. His regret was nourishment enough: a sweet wilted bouquet...


Castor or Pollux?


I was rewriting the first sentence for the eighty-seventh time when I smelled it. Hot, rancid tang. Funk of Virunga. “Olfactory hallucination,” I told myself...


Synchronic Conversations

(At an Outdoor Café on the Bowery.) He talks and she taps ideograms and slides her thumbs and lets slip her tongue and nods as if thrown into distraction by each word...


Twitter Fiction: 140 or Less


Poured from a dusty bottle of Bordeaux: wine she’d been saving for a special moment.