The Cocoa Beach Vision Plan Quiz
The Beachside Resident - May 2014

Cocoa Beach is an optical illusion: depending on your angle of incidence, the city can take the shape of a tourist destination, a surf community, an upscale family town, or a brokedown beach village. Perhaps the most bizarre symbol of this transformative effect is the Glass Bank, which is like an M.C. Escher painting––stare long enough at it, and you inevitably begin to hallucinate.

In 2010, Bernard Zyscovich drew up his "vision plan" for the Downtown District. In it, he imagined Orlando Avenue running in both directions, flanked by shade trees, broad sidewalks, art galleries, and lofts overtop retail boutiques.

The future of any community hinges on the foresight of its people. Take this quiz to find out what your own vision plan for Cocoa Beach looks like.

Which of the following city projects would most enhance the feel of Cocoa Beach?

Burying all the electric wires.

Demolishing every structure east of A1A––installing dunes and native vegetation in their place.

A historic revitalization of the downtown district.

Relaxed restrictions on topless sunbathing.

Name the architectural style best suited for the downtown district.

Mid-Century Revivalist

Mediterranean Chic

Beach Kitsch/ Spring Breaky

Tiki/ Jungle Theme

What should be done with the Glass Bank?

Demolish it.

Nothing, it's not a problem.

Which one is the Glass Bank again?

Restore it to its Space Age glory.

Choose the most appropriate designation for the barrier island:

Ais Island

Juan Ponce de León Island

Slater Island

No Name Island

Which of the following Cocoa Beach brand names would look prettiest on a highway billboard?

The Heart of the Space Coast

East Coast Surf Capital

Historic Cocoa Beach

Sunday Funday

Which of these downtown establishments appeals most to your esthetic sensibilities?

Surfinista Café


The Inner Room Cabaret

Juice n' Java

Tourists are __________________.

an essential source of city income.

cultural assets.

nuisances, kooks and a menace to the public.

much better looking after a six pack.

Which of the following local professions contributes most to the charm and vitality of Cocoa Beach?

Surfboard shaper




If you could demolish one Cocoa Beach building and build another in the same location, which of these combinations would you choose?

Demolish the Glass Bank; build a mixed-use condo/ commercial space

Demolish the Beachwave Superstore; build a Native Florida Museum

Demolish Villa Verde condominiums; build a public fishing dock

Demolish City Hall; build a Hooter's

Your ideal Cocoa Beach day might begin with:

breakfast at Roberto's, then a stroll on the beach.

the boat fully stocked, the Coronas on ice.

coffee on the crossover ~ a five-foot groundswell ~ offshore winds.

waking up at 10:30 and cracking a Michelob.